I’m predicting that the next scandal to hit the atmospheric sciences will be rainbowgate: a plot to get people to book holidays on the promise of false atmospheric phenomena.

Just look here:

The photo was taken from a website advertising hotels in Hawaii. This looks fake to me. Amongst other things, the colours in the second rainbow aren’t reversed and it doesn’t even look like its raining where the rainbow is or that there’s a waterfall nearby. Besides which, triple rainbows are notoriously difficult to photograph (see Pledgley (1986), Weather 41, 401)

I’m suspicious.

How many people have been lured to that hotel expecting a triple rainbow? I hate to think. How deep does this go?

[UPDATE: Apologies if you came here looking for something serious about triple rainbows. If so, why not try the wikipedia page or this Science Daily article.]


One Response to “Rainbowgate”

  1. Truthful Nacho Says:

    Woah. I thought I coined the term. Well, I did, but so did you. 🙂

    I use the term rainbowgate to describe how the visual spectrum is wrongly used as an analogy for “sexual preference”.

    Buying this definitely confuses people. Not only because rainbows don’t appear in threes (trinity reference!), but also because these symbols sort of…cross examine and cross load each other. It’s a subconscious cacophony of bs.

    I blame the elite and their minions.

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