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  2. Grumpy Bob Says:


    Your comments about the NERC implementation of Impact Plans:

    “In the case of NERC, to whom I have recently submitted a couple of proposals, their guidelines state that the funding decisions will still be taken on the quality of the science. The NERC Impact Plan can, in fact, be re-written after the funding decisions have been made if scientifically excellent projects have included an inadequate Impact Plan.”

    echos what we were told at a recent induction for BBSRC panel members. The BBSRC certainly seem to be operating in this way. my research is in aspects of basic biology of ageing, and lies some way in the middle of the “blue sky spectrum” .

    Regarding the Impact elements of the REF, these are still ludicrously ill-formed in the latest consultation document, given the large weighting given over to it. Focusses the mind though!


    • andyrussell Says:


      Thanks for the comment!

      I suspect I am being a little naive about the REF aspect but I feel the need to defend it as it counters most the arguments made by the “blue skies is best” people i.e. if you happen to inadvertently develop the perpetual motion machine from your obscure research into frog toenails then you would get credit for it in the REF even if you didn’t predict it in your impact plan.

      There was another story in the Guardian yesterday, which was almost identical to Roger Highfield’s in the Telegraph, which seemed to make the same mistake of confusing the plan and the retrospective element. I’m glad you agree with bits of what I’m saying.


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