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June 11, 2010

So I’m usually too lazy to tweet a list of all the people I find interesting on Twitter.  I thought I’d steal an idea from my first #FF recomendation – @SmallCasserole – who wrote a blog post listing all his favourite tweeters.

Just so that my list is a little bit original, I’ll split them into catagories.  I’ll update the list over time with new catagories and new tweeters.

Here goes:

Tweeters – i.e. people I met on Twitter and often exchange tweets

@DrEvanHarris – all round good guy for science and the LibDems

@SmallCasserole – interesting blog and tweets about science, particularly physics

@stpkav – regularly comments on the STFC mess


@RealClimate – their tweets are generally slow and dry but their blog is authoritative (and dry!)  That doesn’t sound like much of a recomendation but it is the best place to hear climate scientists on the web.

@jackofkent @davidallengreen – writes about legal things, my initial interest was his involvement with the Simon Singh libel case but he is interesting on many other fronts as well.  [Currently on leave from Twitter.Killed off Jack of Kent.]

@DrPetra – sex educator and fine blogger

@Stephen_Curry – nice blog on science and more

@jonmbutterworth – another LHC person with a nice blog about physics and other stuff

NOISEmakers – a group of early career scientists engaging with the public (I’m one of them)

@NOISEmakers – tweets from the mothership

@lewis_dartnell – astrobiologist

@twhyntie – LHC person

@lisamarieke – particle physicist turned science communicator

Weather and Climate

@TheBarometerPod – the weather and climate podcast from the University of Manchester

@Antarctic_news – this is another twitter account of mine; my PhD was on Antarctic climate.  I tweet links to interesting news stories and blogs about Antarctica

@carbonbrief – interesting blog/resource about climate change and communication.

@RealClimate – see above

Newspaper people

@alokjha – Guardian science and environment correspondent

@markgfh – Times science editor

Greater Manchester Skeptics in the Pub

@GMSkeptics – the main feed

@janisbennion – one of the organisers

@Dr_Aust_PhD – good for a chat about homeopathy

@xtaldave – good for a rant about homeopathy