Media activities

As part of my role as a science ambassador I’ve been trying to engage with the media. This page summarises the coverage I’ve had and provides links to clippings and clips where available.

General coverage

On the One Show

On newsround

  • NERC’s Planet Earth podcast (11/1/2010) talking about my research on storms: here.
  • Newsround (15/12/2009) on the Copenhagen climate summit: here.
  • R4’s Leading Edge (10/9/2009) talking about Perspectives, British Science Festival 2009: here.
  • The One Show (4/8/2009) talking about tornados: here.
  • “Good to meet you” column in the Guardian (14/6/2008): here.
  • Letter in the Guardian (13/5/2008) on how careers in science and engineering are meritocratic: here.
  • Letter in the Guardian (6/5/2008) on Nigel Lawson’s views on climate change: here.
  • Contribution to a Sense About Science publication about writing to newspapers: here.
  • Profiled in the South Manchester Reporter: here.

My 2009 Manchester Science Festival project also got a bit of coverage…

Manchester Science Festival – Does it rain more at the weekend?

Me on Channel M and North West Tonight!

I organised a project for MSF09 looking at rain. I got some people around Manchester involved by taking their own rainfall measurements and thinking about what they mean. Here’s the project webpage – Rain project. I also did a little bit of research to back this project up and this was covered quite a bit in the media:

  • BBC North West Tonight, I was on the sofa talking to Gordon Burns!
  • South Manchester Reporter
  • MEN CityLife
  • BBC Radio Manchester (live interview on breakfast show)
  • BBC Radio Cumbria (recorded interview)
  • Key 103FM (recorded interview)
  • Real Radio (recorded interview)

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