3 Responses to “Beddintolerance column for EGU Today”

  1. omnologos Says:

    Finally…something I could have written myself word-for-word (almost…I do not have a high opinion of any UK Government “Chief Adviser”, so anything coming from that direction goes into the “mild entertainment” bucket)

    If I can just add another point…one trouble with all this “beddingtonenergy against pseudoscience” is that it keeps the focus of the debate with the extremists, brushing all in-between nuanced positions aside. One shouldn’t always claim victory by identifying the nuttiest opinions and then proceeding to successfully argue against them.

    It’s like holding onto a World Heavyweight crown by carefully accepting the challenge of only the minnowest of opponents…or, it’s like getting one’s hands dirty in a political campaign, one “party” against the “other party” and busying oneself with listing all the shortcomings of the “other party”.

    Hardly the stuff for a serious scientific (and policy debate).

    People that are serious about climate change simply shouldn’t waste their time chasing up the latest statement by Rush Limbaugh or Sarah Palin (or Lord Monckton); shouldn’t spend their energies labelling each and every doubt as a sign of “denial”; shouldn’t keep blogging about the demise of modern society brought about by evil oil corporations; and so on and so forth.

    If they do, well, it must mean they are not that serious about climate change, no?

  2. diogenes Says:

    does any real thinking happen in this area these days?

    As an ousider, I think that climate is very complex. So, concepts that all adverse influences are due to human-focrced CO2 strike me as meaningless….unless you can explain why all the other fctors that might influence the result do not obtain. And then the question becomes, do we even know what those factors are? We know some of them….

  3. Surya Sarica Says:

    it helped me in understaning about air quality, Thanks.

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