2 Responses to “A visit to Atmosphere at the Science Museum”

  1. alice Says:

    Oh, yes, it has exhibits and I agree they are well chosen, they are just very badly displayed. It’s hard to find and think about them, especially compared to the curatorial approach taken in Making of the Modern World where the Apollo 10 is.

    (what I didn’t have space for in that Gdn review’s 700 words was quoting the museum director on the subject of the impact of seeing that ice core, and saying he’s right which is why it’s so sad that it’s so wasted)

    I also think museums need to give context to exhibits, especially in sci museums as they are a chance to share unfamiliar objects – e.g. you say you’ve launched a load of RS-80, whereas I have no experience of such objects (and imagine this is true of most other visitors). So, I agree with the point about Prove It being a difficult bit of history for them, which they needed to deal with but they could have taken a more contextual approach rather than telling us lots of ‘facts’. They could have told us about the scientists – (e.g. why that RS-80 thing is so important to people like you, what it means/ does, etc) so we find those facts more believable when they come at us from elsewhere.

    It’s trust not info deficit which is the issue the museum should, imo, have been dealing with. You can easily provide context and build trust without falling into a lazy and polljack-able ‘what do you think’ approach. Missed opportunity.

    • andyrussell Says:

      Thanks for the comment Alice – I hope you don’t think I misrepresented your Grauniad review.

      I agree that they don’t make the most of some of the things they have there and, to be honest, I was a bit disappointed when I saw the ice core in its little box.

      On the trust issue, maybe they should get some climate scientists to set up desks and work in the gallery? I’d do it! (Or would the lighting mess with my head?)

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