4 Responses to “Social media and academia”

  1. salfordgareth Says:

    My experience of social media in academia. It is:

    Hard and easy
    Simple and confusing
    Rewarding and demoralising

    That just about does it for me.


  2. SciPlore Says:

    hi, if you like Mendeley you might also want to have a look at our software “SciPlore MindMapping” http://www.sciplore.org/software/sciplore_mindmapping/ which combines reference management (e.g. Mendeley) with PDF management (including bookmark import) and mind mapping. on our website is also a video which gives a short demonstration.

  3. akshatrathi294 Says:

    Thanks for blogging about this. I can see why they are engaging climate scientists to get online. Somehow I can hear nothing of this sort for any kind of scientists at Oxford. 😦

    • andyrussell Says:

      I didn’t raise it in this post but I do sometimes wonder whether people working in a certain field make good bloggers. For example, the climate blogs I read most oftern (Deltoid, Deep Climate, Skeptical Science, Science of Doom) are all written by non-climate scientists. I suppose you need a real passion for the big picture to be a good blogger. Maybe I’ll write about this soon…

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